English Summary

Alice wakes up in a strange, dark room. The room seems to be empty, until a voice speaks to her and convinces her to walk through the door. She discovers an explosion of emotions and dance and the house seems to teem with live! But… Is it a house? And… will it let her go?

We are a mix of artists, all with years of experience in our own expertise and we want to show off our skills together on stage in 2016! Twice. Once in Eindhoven and once in Amsterdam.

It’s a varied project in which theatre, bellydance, fusion and hoopdance come together

Our goal is to show the variety of stage art and the possibilities of all kind of dance in a theatre. All the different art forms of bellydance, hoopdance ínside, on a stage and that all connected through a wonderful, emotional story.

We are Bo, a lifetime of theatre, Raphael, a wrestler with theatrical ambitions, Carmen, a gorgeous Spanish-Arabic dancer, Janneke, with theatre in her blood, Sabien, a traveling bellydancer, Mariska, in who fantasy and bellydance come together, Janna Lou, hoopdancer extraordinaire and Xhanika, a tradition in fusion.

There will be two shows of one hour each and you can see them on March 28. and April 3. at Pand P in Eindhoven and Oostblok II in Amsterdam, Buy your tickets via Contact! or mail to alicethroughthemanor@gmail.com

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